10 Scientific Predictions That The End Of The World Is Near.

2. Massive Solar Flares predicted by NASA.

When the biggest scientific research authority says something, you better take its word. NASA predicted that the first half of the year 2013 is going to be the time when we can see the world go down. The research giant predicted that the sun’s growing magnetic energy will combine with the highest levels of sunspot activity in the past 11 years, causing a barrage of solar flares that will destroy all of our computers, of which satellites will be the hardest hit. Such an event will also disrupt the earth’s magnetic field which simply means our dear old earth will never be the same again.

Although we survived year 2013, that doesn’t take away anything from NASA’s predictions as the math done by them can come true any moment.

3. Deadly Solar Eclipse in 2015 – Judgement Day.

Call it religious fanaticism, but Christian pastors firmly believe that this is the way the world will go down i.e. by a solar eclipse. Predicted to take place on Friday, September 15th in 2015, the solar eclipse is being considered as the message of judgment from God. However, science offers a different theory but a similar result with its explanation of a genuine collision of three rare and significant celestial events on Friday.

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