98-Year-Old Mom Moves Into Senior Care Home To Take Care Of Her 80-Year-Old Son.

No matter how old we get, our moms will always look out for us. We’ll always be their babies in their eyes, and it’s a mentality that many mothers find hard to outgrow.

Ada Keating is 98 years old, but her 80-year-old son, Tom, is still her little boy in her heart. And when he needed her help, she proved just how strong her love is and how easy it was to slip back into caring for her son.

It’s safe to say that Tom is a mama’s boy — and there’s nothing wrong with that! He’s certainly not ashamed of the title. He appreciates everything his mother has done for him and continues to do for him, and simply adores her. He’s always been close to her, and has actually spent much of his life living with her, as he never got married.

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