[NBC] Kim Kardashian West Pushes For Clemency for Brendan Dassey.

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Kardashian West tweeted to her 62 million followers Wednesday, urging them to tune into an episode of “Wrongful Conviction,” featuring an interview with Dassey and his attorney Laura Nirider, and included a link to a website called “Bring Brendan Home.”

She later tweeted a plea to Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, asking him to read a handwritten letter written by Dassey. 

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The letter from Dassey to Evers is a list of things Dassey wrote about himself “for you to get to know me.” It lists things like his favorite drink is Orange Crush, he likes Doritos and Funyuns, his favorite season is fall and more. 

It ends by asking Evers for a pardon “because I am innocent and want to go home.” 

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